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Enrol Now: Pay in Installments


Get the Life you Deserve.

Learn to Live Successfully. 


Do you tell yourself that things will be better when I……lose those 10 pounds, change my job, get a new relationship, (insert your favourite here).

Do you feel afraid of conflict or change?

Do you spend time over analysing every move you make?

Does the thought of doing something new cause you to freeze?


Self doubt, procrastination and overthinking will keep you stuck. 

Keep you feeling unhappy with your life.


When you feel this way, you are not living successfully.


Let go of the self sabotage patterns that have held you back. 

Let go of the Self doubt 

Get out of your head and into living a wonderful life. 


Living successfully can mean different things to different people but there are common traits that all successful people have. They know themselves.

They know that their beliefs and values drive them. 

They know how to motivate themselves every day. 

They learnt their self-sabotaging patterns and have eradicated them.

They know imposter syndrome is a form of self-sabotage. 

They know how to silence that inner critic/voice that can derail a goal. 

They know how to set a goal that is achievable. 

They know success. 

Isn’t it time you finally put all the pieces together so that you can start living successfully?

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Enrol Now: Pay in Full

For this course I have brought together over 20 years’ worth of experience working one on one with clients. Clients who are now living the life that they know they deserve. Happy successful fulfilled lives.

Your group will meet once a week for an hour with me and then have access to that week’s module. In each module you will find videos and PDF documents that will help you to complete the work.

I say the classes are an hour but in reality they usually last longer as I never leave until I have answered everyone's questions. 

 I will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have what you need.

Join me with a small exclusive group Starting the1st June 2021

Let me show you how to live successfully. 


There are only 10 places available.

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What we will cover on the course 

🟣 The ways you have been sabotaging your own success and how to stop. 

🟣 How Imposter syndrome is a form of self-sabotage

🟣 How to think and act differently, stop procrastinating.  

🟣 How to have control over your emotions and not let them control you. 

🟣 How to Motivate yourself every day.  

🟣 How to incorporate healthy habits that will make you happier in life and relationships. 

🟣 How to set real and achievable goals for your life

Enrol Now: Pay in Full

What you will learn each week


Module 1

Understand how to be the person you want to be, confident, motivated etc. 

Using special technique's begin to  become who you want to be. 

Understand how you have been sabotaging yourself and stop it once and for all. 


Module 2 

Learn what are your values. 

Not just the surface level values but your core values.

Understand how your core values are the values that cause you to feel offense. 

Start to charge of your emotions


Module 3

Understand how your beliefs determine how you are in the world.

Learn how an incongruity between your beliefs and values can be tripping you up. 

How to incorporate new beliefs into your life. 


Module 4

Get control of the inner voice/critic.

Learn how to befriend the voice and silence it. 

Stop the negative self-talk, the negative loops that run through your mind.


Module 5

Understand how everything you have experienced in life has value. 

Learn how to take the value from your experiences and use it. 

Get a handle on the “Drama” in your life. 


Module 6 

Incorporate mentally healthy habits into your life. 

Learn the importance of reinforcing habits. 

Get an understanding of the power of words. 


Module 7

Learn what motivates you 

How to stay motivated and focused on your goals 


Module 8

Successful living what it is, and what it is not. 

How to handle the fears 

Copper fastened goal setting. 

Enrol Now: Pay in Full
Enrol Now: Pay in Instalments
Have a question? Speak to Karen

What Others Have To Say..

Mary Carroll, Co Kerry

I have worked with Karen since 2007. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience - I really felt that I shifted during my first 12 weeks with her.  She was always available to discuss things and to help.  I have to say I would happily go back to chat to her as her wisdom and nice way of putting things really makes me think and feel more positive.       

Sigrid de Kaste, Brisbane Australia 

"Moving my fears has been a life long quest of mine and finally, with Karen Molan it is achieved! Karen immediately recognized what was really going on behind my thinking and fears and focused her approach on what was needed for me. Thank you Karen, I am in a very different place with everything I start and think. No more fear, no more feeling of overwhelm and all those 'little voices' that give a negative angle on everyday thoughts have lost their dominance!

I am LIVING fully “

About Karen...


Karen Molan is a Neuro Linguist Programming (NLP) consultant and a registered trainer with the Society of NLP.Originally trained in accounting, Karen diversified into the field of education, counselling and personal development in the early 1990s. While training in the Waterford Dyslexia Centre Karen became aware of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Having completed her Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications she incorporated NLP techniques into her existing work. 

Seeing the difference NLP can make in a person’s life Karen set up a private practice working with people who presented with a diverse range of conditions and issues. As her practice grew Karen recognised the need for quality training in NLP. She extended her studies to qualify as trainer of NLP.  She is a recognised Licensed Trainer with the Society of NLP.

Knowing the importance of continuously updating your skills and knowledge she also holds a Certificate in Individual Psychology with Counselling Skills from the Limerick Institute of Technology, Co. Tipperary 

She is the first person in Ireland to hold the NLP Teaching Excellence Certificate. 

Karen’s private practice continues to grow internationally, attracting clients from England, Germany Spain, Italy, Australia and the United States as well as from all over Ireland. 

Her trainings are renowned for the ease with which she can teach in a fun and informal atmosphere. 

Making people smile is one of Karen’s favourite things to do! You can learn more about Karen at

Why YOU Need This Course! 

This is an opportunity for you to reset your life and start living the life you dream about. When you work with a small group of like-minded people you have a greater chance of success. Being supported and being able to support others while using these transformative techniques is exhilarating. 

Knowing your beliefs and values, your motivation strategy will be enlightening. 

Seeing the difference in your life, as it happens instantaneously, will give you the confidence to step forward and grab the life you want for yourself. 

No more playing small, no more hiding. Time to be brilliant, time to be successful.


Enrol Now: Pay in Full
Enrol Now: Pay in Instalments

Enrol Today For The 1st June 2021 To Avoid Disappointment


Remember, this course is for you, if you have ever felt less than or embarrassed or awkward with others. If you ever felt that you were missing out on something.  If you want to be happy and successful, to be resilient, then this is the programme for you. 

I would be honoured to show how easily you can achieve this. 


Enrol Now: Pay in Full
Enrol Now: Pay in Instalments